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At Giraffe Distillers, we pride ourselves in our sustainability efforts. We believe if we do our part in looking after the environment, then we can make a difference - no matter how big or small. 

Our Efforts


Future Plans

We still have a long way to go, and have many ways in which we can improve all aspects of our business. We began in August 2022, and since then have implemented all of the bullet points above. However, we do have clear plans in how we can improve. Click below to see what we have in the works.

Refill Station

We encourage all customers to reuse their Pin Gin bottles as candle holders, vases, or just as storage bottles. However, we understand that (depending on how much gin you consume) you may not want hundreds of empty bottles lining your house, just so you don’t have to feel the guilt of them going to landfill. We are currently looking into installing a refill station, now we have our on-site gift shop. This would mean customers could bring their empty bottles and refill them for only the price of the liquid. This would massively reduce glass wastage, and although glass if fully recyclable there is a lot of water and energy that is used in the recycling process.

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